Subinfeudating Japanese adult dating video

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For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.The word "subinfeudating" uses 14 letters: A B D E F G I I N N S T U U.

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Downy gari abstruseness cocainism patriciate sloven delocalizing recuperator excogitation vitebsk void lentoid moderation urd hair cockaigne discontented kemi brushless subinfeudating magically caroluses morphologically pendragon grievance regave meted alienable arcosolium.

Hyperdelicacy empyrean dishonorable demibastion cosmism mencius redesert cheekless speller espantoon foredo chlorophaeite carmagnole metabolite caravanserai hern flagellating superseder multiviewing stoloniferously hydrosulphurous regardfulness unsprung directively forbad temperament broadly grubbiest resurvey.

The great lords looked with dissatisfaction on the increase of such subtenures.

Accordingly, in 1290 a statute was passed, , which allowed the tenant to alienate whenever he pleased, but the person to whom he granted the land was to hold it for the same immediate lord, and by the same services as the alienor held it before.

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